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Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to grow and support Black female leaders in all areas of education by becoming more visible, elevating our voices, and adding value to our members and the education community.

Our Vision

Our Values

Black Women's Educational Alliance is the premier organization and influence regarding issues and laws impacting education in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

We have five core values that are the foundation of all that we do. They are knowledge, leadership, networking, unity, & service. Learn more about our beliefs for each value below.

The National Board and all local chapters of BWEA work to
organize activities with the following goals and objectives:


To form a closer union among Black Women in education

• To foster intellectual and professional growth and develop-


• To assist Black women to become knowledgeable of issues,

  trends, and laws impacting education

• To develop action and achievement oriented Black women


Black women will develop sound thinking patterns in their

  own minds and in the minds of the children they teach, with

  an understanding that education is the most valuable tool

  they can attain to enrich their lives.

• Black women will attend workshops in preparation for up-

  ward mobility.

• Black women will network and maintain contact with other

  professional organizations, emphasizing commonalities and


BWEA Core Values


As dedicated and committed members of BWEA, we will continue to distinguish ourselves by first directing special attention to our own educational preparation, professionalism, organizational involvement and community service.


Continually provide dynamic leadership as we work to achieve our goals.


We will be persistent in perpetuating the principles of BWEA through the exchange of ideas and the development of strategies for the realization of our objectives. We will network for the purposes of recognizing, addressing and resolving common interests and concern.

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We endeavor to bind ourselves together in an effort to meet all challenges. We dedicate our energy and resources to the improvement of self and community.


BWEA members will continue to provide exemplary service that impact significantly the growth and development of children and young adults.

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